How to get Red Petals in Pikmin Bloom

Add red petals to your collection.

Image via Pikmin Bloom YouTube

There are several petal colors you can obtain from your Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom. The type of petals you receive depends on the Nectar you receive and then feed to the Pikmin you have following you around. You can only receive a small number of petals per day from each Pikmin, so having several of them in your squad is essential. In this guide, we’re going to detail how to get Red Petals in Pikmin Bloom.

If you’re looking to harvest Red Petals from your Pikmin, you need to feed them Red Nectar. You’ll receive Red Nectar whenever a Pikmin comes back with a red-colored fruit, such as an apple. There’s a chance your Pikmin will come up to you with one of these fruits while you’re walking around, or you can have them go out on expeditions where they come back to you with that fruit. When your Pikmin walk up to you with the red fruit, you typically only receive a single Nectar, making expeditions one of the better methods to add Red Nectar to your collection.

Alternatively, the flower buds you see planted in the ground on your walks can become massive flowers. To do this, you need to walk around them while actively planting flowers down on your path while walking around. The large flower will then blossom into a giant flower that drops the Nectar of the flower petals you placed down. So if you want a lot of Red Petals, make sure to plant Red Flowers while you’re out walking around a flower bud.