How to get a keycard through the prisoner in Desperate Measures – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Tense moments.

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Desperate Measures is a tense mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. You play as Belikov, a Russian double agent, and you are trying to get Adler and Bell into a heavily fortified building. To do this, you will need a keycard.

At the start of the mission, there are some things you should do when talking to Adler. Tell him you will get to the prisoner in the interrogation room, as you can use him later. After that, you have a meeting with some high ranking Russians, and you should tell Gorbachev to give the keycard to the bunker to only to someone he trusts. He will then give it to Charkov. If you don’t want to reprogram a keycard to use for yourself, you can get one from Charkov instead.

Desperate Measures Map

Now, make your way to the records room and pick the lock. There is a guard inside, so quietly take him out and pick the lock to the room in the back. Here, you can find out some information on the prisoner and his family.

After that, make your way to the interrogation room and speak with the prisoner. Tell him that you have info on his family and that the KGB is planning on taking them. If he helps you, you will ensure their safety. Then, tell him to kill Charkov for you. You can then open his handcuffs and leave the room.

Charkov will enter the room to interrogate him, and the prisoner will kill him before getting shot by a guard. Enter the room and tell the guard to leave and allow nobody inside, then pick up the keycard from Charkov’s body. You can now talk to the man on the door and he will open it, allowing you to head down to the basement and let Adler and Bell in.