How to get a Locked Treasure Chest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Find buried treasure in an unlikely place.

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A Locked Treasure Chest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a unique item. You can find it in a particular location, and it won’t be similar to the previous items you’re hunting down and bringing back to Elgado Outpost. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to get a Locked Treasure Chest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find a Locked Treasure Chest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Locked Treasure Chest is a unique item you can locate by visiting the Argosy. You can find this activity available at the Buddy Plaza, and it will be one of the options you can select underneath the Meowcenaries. The Argosy is an activity where you send any of your buddies out to retrieve items for you. However, you must ensure that you proceed through this activity when a Backroom Deal is available.

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Backroom Deals in Monster Hunter Rise are where you send your buddy out on an Argosy request and make sure they leave by activating the deal. Unfortunately, these deals do not always occur, and you may need to wait until they’re available at the Buddy Plaza in Elgado Outpost. This feature unlocks when you reach Master Rank four. It’s important to note that when you enable a Backroom Deal, your buddies will return with limited items. In addition, any item you receive from a Backroom Deal will have a red highlight.

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You will want to ensure you have each submarine unlocked to increase your chances of receiving a Locked Treasure Chest. It may not arrive every time you send out the rest. You will need to wait until you complete quests and increase your Master Rank to find that your buddies have returned from their trip. A handful of armor pieces require a Locked Treasure Chest as a building component, making this a critical activity while you’re out hunting monsters.