How to get a Malzeno Bloodstone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How much blood went into the stone?

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The Malzeno Bloodstone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a rare item to find. It will be difficult for you to track it down and bring it back to your smithy in Elgado Outpost. You can make several valuable items with this resource, and some of the Mazleno armor pieces will need you to obtain this item. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a Malzeno Bloodstone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find a Malzeno Bloodstone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As the name suggests, the Malzeno Bloodstone is a material drop you can find from Malzeno. This is the flagship creature for the Sunbreak expansion, and you will find it by progressing through the Master Rank missions. Eventually, you will need to face off against Malzeno and gain access to regularly hunting this creature whenever you and your friends want to try farming its resources.

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When battling against Malzeno, there are four ways for you to receive the item. It can be a target reward, from breaking a part of its body, carving it, or receiving it as a dropped material, all with a 3% chance. This is extremely low, so you must battle against Malzeno multiple times until you can defeat them to receive this item. When fighting Malzeno, we recommend attempting to break the horn on its head to receive it as a broken part. Alternatively, cutting off Malzeno’s tail is a good way to find it, as you can obtain the Bloodstone when attempting to carve into its tail.

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Malzeno is a tough fight. It will steadily increase in difficulty as you progress through the Sunbreak expansion. We recommend using Slash or Blunt weapons against its head and tail, and Malzeno does take a decent amount of Elemental damage from weapons that do Dragon or Fire but avoid using Water or Thunder.