How to get a map in Satisfactory

Find your way.


If you are playing Satisfactory and think a map might be a pretty useful addition to the game, then don’t worry, it is there as a feature. To get access to the map, you will need to research it through the Quartz research chain in the M.A.M. The M.A.M can be unlocked through the Tier 1 milestone, “Field Research.”

The M.A.M will open up new research possibilities when you make it, offering various research trees based on available resources in the game. The Quartz research chain is, unsurprisingly, based on Quarts, which can be found using the Resource Scanner later in the game after you have a Tier 2 Hub.

When you have all the above, you can start tracking Quartz and researching on the Quartz tree, and the map will unlock at step 7. When you have the map, hit the Z key to pen it, and it will show you all the areas that you have explored, ar have scanned using Radar Towers.

The map will show you your own relative position, crates that drop when you die, vehicles, the location of your HUB, resource node, player structures, Power Slugs, resources, and all creatures on the map.

There is also an extremely useful website called Satisfactory Calculator. Satisfactory Calculator allows you to load your save files into the website, and it will draw a representation of the map for you. The website’s map will mark resource nodes, and topography, with water being marked as blue terrain.

This is the quickest and easiest way to find water in the game, as it cuts out the need to explore the world to find it.