Where to find a Yellow and Purple Power Slug in Satisfactory



Image via Coffee Stain Studios

Power Slugs are a collectible resource in Satisfactory. They can be used to create Power Shards, which will allow you to give your buildings a boost in productivity through overclocking. Power Slugs can appear in the world, but this limited pool of Power Slugs will not respawn. It is possible to use Lizard Doggos to find a small number of Power Slugs that can respawn.

Finding Power Slugs is quite simple, as you will be able to use your scanner to track them down when you have upgraded your factory to the point of them being a relevant resource. All you need to do is hold the V button, select Power Slugs, and the scanner will send out a ping for 250 meters in every direction. Scanned Power Slugs will appear as small waypoints at the top of the screen.

Before they become a relevant resource, they will just be marked as “Strange Energy Readings” by the scanner.

There are three different types of Power Slugs. Green Power Slugs are the most common, and can normally be found in pretty easy to reach places, often spawning on trees or in places that will need to be reached by a ladder.

Yellow Power Slugs spawn less often and can be found in more difficult to reach places, and Purple Slugs are the rarest, appearing only in very difficult to reach places that will require a ladder or a jetpack to get to.

It is a good idea to try to find Power Slugs at night time, as they will glow in the dark, making them easier to spot.