How to get a queen bee in Valheim

One queen to rule them all.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A majority of the buildings and equipment you make in Valheim requires for you to hold all of the items at least once to learn the crafting recipe. The same goes for armor, equipment, tools, and food. For those looking to add beehives to their home, a key item you need to seek out is a queen bee.

The only way you can find a queen bee is to locate a natural beehive. You can find these attached to random buildings in the world. They’re typically inside these ruined buildings, and you’ll hear a distinct buzzing sound to signal the bees are home and they’re happily busy making honey. There’s no safe way to harvest the queen bee or the honey from the location. The only thing you can do is destroy it.

When you get close to the beehive, the bees will attempt to protect their home, and you’ll take poison damage whenever they hit you. So long as you have a little bit of food in your stomach to increase your health gauges, you should be able to withstand a few of these hits. Alternatively, you can choose to hit the beehive with your bow from afar and avoid being stung.

Once the beehive falls to the ground, you have a chance to acquire a queen bee, along with some honey. Queen bees do not always drop. You may have to seek out several natural beehives to grab them. When you acquire the queen bee, you should immediately learn how to craft a beehive as the other ingredient in the recipe is wood.