How to get a Raptor mount in Lost Ark

Roar into battle on top of a Raptor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are several mounts you can earn as you play through Lost Ark. A notable mount you might be on the hunt for is a Raptor mount, which allows you to ride on top of a ferocious Raptor. You’ll be able to earn this through a particular part of the game. This guide details what you need to do to get a Raptor mount in Lost Ark and add it to your collection.

The best way to earn a Raptor mount is to work your way through the story. You’ll want to continue progressing through the game until you reach the North Vern Continent. If you’re still working through the story, you’ll want to work your way through the main quests. The main quests are your primary way to making it to the additional Continents available in the game before you make it to Chaos dungeons.

Once you’re in North Vern, the next step is to work on your Adventurer’s Tome for this region. All you have to do is reach 30% in the Adventurer’s Tome, and you’ll unlock a Grey Stripe Raptor. You can add to your progression of the Adventurer’s Tome in any way you like. YOu can defeat the world bosses, complete the stories, take down Monsters, find collectibles, cooking recipes, and there are also the main quests for that region.

After reaching 30%, the Grey Stripe Raptor becomes available to you. Make sure to accept the reward in the Adventurer’s Tome upon completing it.