How to get a rebound in NBA 2K21

This is how you get a board in NBA 2K21.

Rebounding in NBA 2K21 is an incredibly valuable tool. Not only can scoring a rebound allow you to transition the other direction, but on offense, getting a board can give you a second chance at making a basket. In NBA 2K21, getting rebounds might be more important than ever, especially with the new shooting mechanics. So how do you get a rebound in NBA 2K21? Let’s go over what you have to do.

First off, you have to be in the paint and close to the basket to get a rebound. There will, however, be occasions where rebounds can be picked up from outside the paint, but this happens very infrequently. Once the ball has either hit the backboard or the hoop and the ball is in the air, press Y (Xbox)/Triangle (PlayStation) to initiate the rebounding animation. You can press Y/Square to attempt a rebound either on the defensive side of the court or on the offensive side.

Keep in mind that you need to be precise with your timing when attempting a rebound. If you initiate a rebound attempt too early, the animation will occur before the ball might get to your player. If that happens, the player that you are controlling might miss the ball. Also, make sure that you are properly positioned. Follow the basketball closely, and use the left stick to move your player closer to the basket if needed.