How to get Adroit Element in Destiny 2

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Weapon crafting is one of the new mechanics in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion. The ability to shape and reshape weapons adds a new dynamic to the weapon sandbox. This is a combat-focused crafting system, so finding materials is more complex than simply finding them in the open world. This guide will explain how to find Adroit Element, one of the new resources used for shaping weapons.

Updated: May 24, 2:55 PM CT

With Destiny 2 Season 17, titled “Season of the Haunted,” released on May 24, Bungle has completely reworked most of the crafting components that The Witch Queen expansion introduced. Every element outside of the neutral element has been removed from the resource pool in a drastic measure.

How to get Adroit Element in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

This move aims to simplify the crafting system and allow for a more meaningful grind with fewer resources clogging up the works. Due to this change, the Adroit element is no longer an element in Destiny 2, and all traces of it have been erased from player inventories and the crafting table. In the future, the only new crafting element is the Resonant element.

Due to the nature of the Season 17 update, the nature of finding and farming Adroit element doesn’t currently exist in Destiny 2. We will still keep the old information down below in case this element resurfaces or is used for something new.

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How to get Adroit element in Destiny 2 before Season 17

First, the crafting system must be unlocked. To unlock the Enclave and the crafting system it contains, you must begin the Witch Queen campaign. Completing the intro mission will grant you a mission called “Reshaping the Enigma.” This questline will give you the tools necessary to find the Adroit element.

Once the mission is complete, any weapon drop across Destiny 2’s various activities has a chance to drop a weapon with a red box outline. These weapons are called resonant weapons. Once a resonant weapon is earned, equip the weapon and use it to fill up the attunement meter. Getting kills and completing activities such as strikes or public events contribute to this meter filling.

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Once a weapons attunement meter is filled, you can then extract the resonance from the weapon at the Enclave. Each resonant weapon will offer multiple choices at this juncture, each one containing a bunch of neutral elements and one of several legendary elements.

Adroit element is one such element and extracting a resonant weapon with the Adroit element is the best way to collect this new resource. Resonant weapons have random elements to extract, so completing public events and finding legendary engrams is the best way to gather more of this rare resource.