How to get all Hydrangea colors in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The coveted flower.

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Hydrangea flowers are an essential resource that you’ll need fairly often in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While the resource might not be vital for your immediate progression, it is a crafting resource, and occasionally a villager can ask you to fetch one. The game has several variants of Hydrangea flowers, and you might not know where to find each variant. Hence, we are listing all the variants of the Hydrangea flower and where to find them in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Where to find every type of Hydrangea in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot by Gamepur

The game has four variants of Hydrangea: Blue HydrangeaPink Hydrangea, Purple Hydrangea, and White & Red Hydrangea. Fortunately, all four variants can be found in Dazzle Beach, so you have to search in only one area. However, the exact spots where these plants grow are not fixed, and you have to wander around and look for the coveted flowers. Some spots to look for while searching Hydrangea in Dazzle Beach includes the mythical cave entrance, Ursula’s old cave, Moana’s fishing boat, and Goofy’s stall. Furthermore, these plants are not always out in the open, so make sure to check every nook and corner.

If you are looking for a specific color Hydrangea and unable to find it, just pluck any color flower and wait for it to respawn. Once it blooms again, there is a chance it blooms into your desired color flower. Ultimately, you just have to keep searching and rely on a bit of luck to get the color Hydrangea you want.