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How to get all Subnautica: Below Zero achievements on Xbox in 30 minutes

Console commands are an achievement hunter's best friend.

Subnautica: Below Zero has just landed on Xbox Game Pass, and with it comes some of the easiest achievements in the service. In around 30 minutes, players can unlock the full 1000G by abusing developer commands. Of course, this is an optional method of unlocking the achievements, and if you’d rather tackle them legitimately, you can do so — though it’ll take much longer. This guide will walk you through the whole command process.

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Start a new save and head to your drop pod. Pause and press both bumpers to spawn the Developer tab. Click Commands, then “bobthebuilder”. Approach the fabricator and craft these items:

  • Antidote – Resources > Advanced Materials
  • Hydraulic Fluid – Resources > Advanced Materials
  • Test Override Module – Resources > Electronics
  • Cold Suit – Personal > Equipment
  • Cold Suit Gloves – Personal > Equipment
  • Cold Suit Helmet – Personal > Equipment
  • Fins – Personal > Equipment
  • High Capacity O2 Tank – Personal > Equipment
  • Flashlight – Personal > Tools
  • Habitat Builder – Personal > Tools
  • Scanner – Personal > Tools
  • Spy Pengling – Deployables
  • Spy Pengling Remote – Deployables

Save your game, quit, then reload the save. Swim to the surface and use “bobthebuilder”. Under Give, give yourself a Mobile Vehicle Bay, then use the D-pad to select it and deploy it. Climb aboard and craft a SeaTruck. Once it spawns, save and quit, then reload.

Give yourself a Snowfox and mount it for an achievement. Back in the console, activate “bobthebuilder” and “fastbuild”, then activate your Habitat Builder Tool in your inventory (accessible with the right bumper) and select it. Construct a Multi-Purpose Room underwater, found in the first tab of structures. You may need to breach to get oxygen while you wait, but once it’s finished, use the Habitat Builder Tool to construct a hatch. Enter and build a jukebox with that same tool, found in the fourth tab. Save, exit, then reload.

Select Teleport in the Developer tab and choose “sanctuary”. Enter into the green room and follow the path through until you reach the Ion Cube. Pick it up, then continue into the next room and interact with the terminal after the dialogue.

Teleport to “deltabase” and follow the path left of the door, hugging the left wall around to a cave. Proceed through the cave until the first pink flower on the left, then turn around and exit the cave to prompt a cutscene and a new objective. Once the cutscene finishes, teleport to “margbase” and enter the base from underneath and let the dialogue play out.

Teleport to “rocket” and ascend the tower, then follow the walkway around to an electrical box. Plug the Test Override Module into it, then descend the ladder to the terminal. Interact and choose “Enter Test Mode”. Next up, teleport to “GlacialBay”, then ascend the stairs and climb the hill ahead of you. Head right and follow this path to a bridge. Interact with the machine on the left with Hydraulic Fluid to repair the bridge. Teleport to “Frozen creature” and ride the elevator up to the top. Enter the door directly in front of you and interact with the robot, inserting the antidote into it. This robot will inject the large frozen creature with it.

Activate “bobthebuilder”, then teleport to “fabricatorbase” and enter the small cave. Head into the next room and turn left to find three podiums. Interact with the first two, listening to the dialogue in between. When the second item is crafted, start crafting the third item, then immediately save and quit. Reload the save and let the podium continue to craft. Once it’s done, let the cutscene play.

Finally, teleport to “outpostzero”. Once the area loads in, save and quit, then reload the game and follow the marker to the objective. From here on, it’s just cutscenes and dialogue, so follow the alien for a few minutes until you reach the end, earning yourself the final achievement in Subnautica: Below Zero.

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