How to get an Anomaly Detector in No Man’s Sky

Bring rare encounters to you.


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No Man’s Sky is packed with weird and wonderful things for you to find, including planets, living ships, aliens, and so much more. However, you’re never guaranteed to find any of these. All you can do is increase your chances with one item in particular. This guide explains how to get an Anomaly Detector in No Man’s Sky, so you have a much better chance of finding space oddities in your next session.

How to get an Anomaly Detector

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Anomaly Detectors are Anomalous Homing Devices that you’ll pick up from shooting asteroids. The best way to get them is to find a good asteroid field and start shooting away. Ensure you have plenty of space in your inventory for all the other junk you’ll pick up while mining in the asteroid field. Keep an eye on the alerts you get on the right-hand side of the screen, and you should see an Anomaly Detector drop-in when you find one. If you want to use multiple Anomaly Detectors, keep one in your inventory and shoot some more asteroids until you have as many as you want. Otherwise, you may find that you have to clear out your inventory to make space.

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How to use Anomaly Detectors

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Once you have an Anomaly Detector, there’s not much to using it. Open your inventory screen and find the Anomaly Detector. Hover over it and activate it. Then, you need to use your Pulse Engine to blast into space and wait for the device to find something interesting. When it does, you can slow down, and the anomaly that has been detected will appear nearby. There are quite a few of these, many of which can be dangerous, so keep your wits about you when you go searching for the unknown. If you find a Relic Gate, though, just fly through because you’ll enter a new star system that you can name.