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How to get an Elytra in Minecraft

Is it flying or falling in style?
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Finding faster ways to travel the world in Minecraft is always something players are trying to do. Whether it is using minecarts, boats, or portals, being able to travel long distances quickly is great for exploration and finding resources. None of those forms let you fly around like the Elytra, though. Here is how to find an Elytra in Minecraft.

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How to find an Elytra in Minecraft

Elytras are one of the few items in Minecraft that can not be crafted. Instead, you have to find them in The End. After you have defeated the Ender Dragon, you can further explore this realm. When you do so, you will want to look for a portal floating around where you slew the Dragon. Throw an Ender Pearl so you land in the portal and are teleported to a new area of The End.

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When you are teleported, you will see an expanded look of The End. To get an Elytra, you want to explore the various floating islands until you come across an End Ship floating near an End City. Use your trusty Ender Pearl or build yourself a bridge to reach the ship.

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Go down into the ship, and you will find a Shulker sitting against a wall protecting an Elytra in an Item Frame next to two Chests. Take care of the Shulker and retrieve your valuable loot.

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To equip the Elytra, you will need to put it in the chest slot in your inventory. This will keep you from wearing chest armor, but you will be able to glide. To use the Elytra, you will need to press jump while falling to spread out the wings. Turn your camera to control the direction and slope of your descent. If you are going too fast, you will take damage when you hit the ground, so direct yourself upward to slow yourself. If you have fireworks, you can use them to boost yourself through the sky.

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