How to get and complete Sabotage quests from Variks in Destiny 2

Carve a path through Europa.

Despite taking down the big baddie heading things up on Europa in Destiny 2, you still have plenty of things to clean on the moon, and her allies stand at the ready. There are several factions who once served Eramis, and Variks wants to see them purged from the moon. These Sabotage quests give you access to more content, but you need a handful of things to first unlock them.

How to get Sabotage Quests from Variks

The first step to gaining access to these quests is to complete the Reclaiming Europa quest. It should be available shortly after beating Eramis, and it should be something you start in the Riis-Reborn Approach. Go through the quest as you normally would, and in the end, you’ll gain Herealways Pieces. Bring these back to Variks, and he gives you access to Sabotage missions.

Whenever you want to do a Sabotage mission from Variks, you need to turn in Herealways Pieces to him.

How to complete Sabotage Quests

Once you spend the Herealways Pieces for the quest, it’s like completing any of the other bounties you’ve been completing through Destiny. These quests will center on Europa’s activities, so you shouldn’t have to explore other planets of systems to finish them. Make sure to double-check what you need to do see where you need to go to efficiently finish them, and progress through the Beyond Light expansion.