How to get and evolve the Phiera Der Tuphello in Vampire Survivors

Slice and dice with balls and lasers.

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Getting weapons in Vampire Survivors is only the first step at the beginning of a successful run. You will want to look to get compatible passives and evolve the weapon to further enhance its strength as it levels up. In this article, we will explain how to get the Phiera Der Tuphello weapon in Vampire Survivors, and how to evolve it further to make it even stronger.

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How to get Phiera Der Tuphello in Vampire Survivors

Phiera Der Tuphello is a weapon that periodically fires toward each of the four corners of the screen. The red energy balls travel until they hit something, be that a foe or an obstacle. Further upgrading will increase the number of fired projectiles and let them penetrate through more enemies. That makes it a good weapon to use in combination with other projectiles to thin out the hordes.

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To unlock Phiera Der Tuphello, you have to survive for 10 minutes while playing as Pugnala Provola. She is the character who initially starts the game wielding Phiera Der Tuphello, so that’s the first instance when you’ll get to see it in action. To unlock Pugnala for purchase, you have to find and open her coffin on the Mad Forest map.

Phiera Der Tuphello has a maximum level of 8. When fully maxed out, it fires a total of three energy balls with +10 base damage and +50% projectile speed, while piercing through six enemies on hit.

How to evolve Phiera Der Tuphello in Vampire Survivors

The evolution of Phiera Der Tuphello involves both a union with another weapon and an evolution with a passive, making it one of the more advanced evolutions in the game. All items have to be at the maximum level for the evolution to happen. Besides Phiera Der Tuphello, you will also need the Eight the Sparrow weapon for union, as well as Tiragisú to complete the evolution. After you have all three items at max level and defeat a Boss or outpace the 10-minute clear timer, you will get a Treasure Chest with the items combined into Phieraggi.

Phieraggi is a very destructive weapon that can fire four lasers which will then rotate around your character in a clockwise pattern. It has a lower projectile speed but makes up for that by being able to pass through walls and obstacles. If you stack enough cooldown reduction, it can even be possible to keep the lasers permanently on, slicing through everything on the screen.