How to get and level up all Protovyre Accessories in Warframe

Level up your look.

The Protovyre is a collection of accessories that were introduced to Warframe in the New War expansion. They can be purchased on the Market for 310 Platinum. For this players will get all the armor pieces, a Syandana, and an Ephemera. This will be the first “tier”, and players can upgrade to two more tiers for each part by completing certain challenges.

Upgrading the Armor set

The below quests will need to be completed to upgrade the armor set

  • Tier 2 – 95 Sentient kills with Tier 1 armor equipped
  • Tier 3 – 395 Sentient kills with Tier 2 armor eqipped

The easiest place to find Sentients is in Railjack missions when you need to board the massive Sentient ships, but you could also restart the Octavia quest and farm them there if you don’t have access to the Veil Proxima yet.

Upgrading Epehmera

  • Tier 2 – gain 250,000 Focus with Tier 1 equipped
  • Tier 3 – gain 500,000 Focus with Tier 2 equipped

The best place to earn Focus is at the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught event.

Upgrading the Synandana

  • Tier 2 – collect 15 Relics with the Tier 1 equipped
  • Tier 3 – collect 75 Relics with the Tier 2 equipped

As you unlock each new Tier or each new accessory, it will be delivered to you in your Inbox, so you can collect it from there.