How to get and use the Lamp in Colossal Cave

Illuminate your way.

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The deep caverns in Colossal Cave are incredibly dark, and the only thing that can help you in this scary adventure is a trusty lamp. However, if this is your first time playing, getting the lamp might not be straightforward. So, to make sure you don’t get stuck at the beginning of your journey, here is how you can get the Lamp in Colossal cave and how you can also use it afterward.

Where to find the Lamp in Colossal Cave

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When a new game starts in Colossal Cave, you will find yourself in front of a well-house. To get the lamp, you will need to enter the building. You can do this by approaching the door and cycling through your actions (right-click) until you get the hand action to open the door. Left-click when you are next to the door with the hand action, and you will open it.

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Head over inside and, on the left, the first thing you will find on the table is the lamp. Do the same thing you did with the door to open it, and you will pick up the lamp. You should also pick up the water, food, and key from this room.

How to use the Lamp in Colossal Cave

To use the lamp (or lantern) in Colossal Cave, you will just need to open your inventory. You can do this by either pressing “I” on your keyboard or by pressing the middle button on the mouse.

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In the inventory, you will have to left-click on the lamp and then left-click the “Lantern On” button. Doing this will activate your lamp to work forever, and you won’t have to manually turn it on any time again.