How to get and use the Teleporter in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

You’ll need this to swap your party members in and out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Chrono Cross is an old-school JRPG — in both age and game design. Modern JRPGs will typically let you swap your party members in and out on the fly, but older ones require you to reach a Save Point or head out to the World Map. In order to swap your team out in this game, you need to know how to get and use the Teleporter in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Teleporter is obtained early in the Chrono Cross story. After defeating Karsh, Solt and Peppor, Kid will join your party officially and take you to the Arni Village “inn.” However, we recommend waiting to recruit her until you meet up in Termina, as this will lock you out of two additional party members. Afterwards, she will grant you the Teleporter item, which lets you swap your team in and out at a Save Point or on the World Map. To do so on the World Map, simply press Square on Playstation, Y on Switch, or X on Xbox and PC. This will bring up a list of Key Items — select Teleporter and you will be allowed to change your party.

Chrono Cross has a huge cast of characters, so you will often find yourself swapping characters in and out when leveling. Keep in mind, however, that unless you are on the World Map, you will have to find a Record of Fate first. Even though the Radical Dreamers Edition has auto-save, you will still need to be standing on the Record of Fate to use the Teleporter. The process is the same however — simply hit Square, Y, or X depending on your platform and choose it from your key items list.