How to get and use the Traveler’s Attire in Ghost of Tsushima

Put on your comfy clothes and do some traveling.

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It doesn’t take much effort to notice Jin’s capabilities as a samurai in Ghost of Tsushima. But did you notice he’s a style icon as well? Have you seen those comfy looking pants he sometimes wears? Sure, sometimes you’ll want to trick him out in armor, but the heavy stuff isn’t always best. Early on in the game, you can get the simple and tasteful Traveler’s Attire. It’s normcore through and through and has some added perks to boot.

Where to find the Traveler’s Attire

It’s impossible to miss this item, but you might not get it right away if you aren’t looking in the right spot. To get the Traveler’s Attire, all you have to do is speak to any of the merchants you’ll encounter. After you leave the tutorial area, speak to the first merchant you meet. The closest one is at the Survivor Camp in Hiyoshi prefecture. The merchant will give you the Traveler’s Attire at no cost.

Why wear the Traveler’s Attire

It won’t help you out much in combat, but the Traveler’s Attire gives you many perks when it comes to exploration. While equipped, you can go into the Map menu and choose to set the guiding wind to lead you towards artifacts—so long as you have gotten the first guiding wind upgrade. This makes tracking down artifacts much easier.

Having the Traveler’s Attire equipped will also cause your controller to vibrate when you are near an artifact. On top of all that, wearing the Traveler’s Attire will help you in general exploration by clearing more of the fog of war as you explore the map further.

Again, you’re going to want something a little more durable when the enemies inevitably arrive, but you should wear this outfit while doing general exploration to find artifacts more easily and open up more of the map as well.