How to get and use the wingsuit in Far Cry 6

Spread your wings and fly.

Far Cry 6

Image via Ubisoft

The island of Yara is huge, and getting around it isn’t easy. If you want to follow the time-honored tradition of bailing out of a plane right as some missiles hit it, then wingsuit your way to victory, you will first need to get your hands on the wingsuit itself.

You don’t start the campaign with access to it, but it also isn’t the most difficult thing in the world to get, thankfully. You will need to play through the game until you get to a mission that requires you to go and speak with the Montero family, the Legends of ’67, or Maximas Mantazas.

The closest group to you should be the Montero family, so head for their hideout. When you arrive, you will notice a selection of NPCs you can interact with. One of them, the Foreman, will have a hammer icon. Speak with him and you can build a Hideout Network, as long as you have the relevant resources.

This Hideout network will then unlock the wingsuit. It will be automatically added to your inventory, and you won’t need to equip it. When jumping from a plane, helicopter, or cliff, you will then be able to hit Shift on PC, or L3 on PlayStation and Xbox to glide with your wingsuit.

You will need to be careful when landing, as you can take a lot of damage, so don’t forget to pop your parachute when you are low to the ground to finish your descent.