How to Get Animo Nav Beacons in Warframe

Animo Nav Beacons are an essential item for getting to Hades on Pluto, but Warframe doesn’t explain how to get them.

Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe is filled with boss fights. Some of them are easy to find, while others will require a bit more work. The Ambulas boss fight needs players to make their way to Hades, Pluto. But for this, they will need 5 Animo Nav Beacons. Acquiring those Animo Nav Beacons is no easy feat, and could take a lot of time if a player doesn’t know where to go. That’s why we put together this guide for how to get Animo Nav Beacons in Warframe, so no Tenno is left stranded.

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How to Get Animo Nav Beacons in Warframe

image via Digital Extremes

To get Animo Nav Beacons in Warframe, players must hack Ambulas Proxies, dropped by Condor Dropships, on the Corpus Outpost Tileset on Pluto. This requires players to start a mission in this region and look for those Condor Dropships and where they’re dropping the Amibulas Proxies.

The proxies are not as difficult to defeat as the Ambulas boss, but they are still a tough enemy, and players will want to equip weapons that do Electric, Magnetic, and Radiation damage to deal with them. Nova can pretty much one-shot them with the right build, thanks to her abilities. Those who don’t own this Warframe will need to use what they have with the closest elemental advantage.

All Corpus Outpost Nodes & Mission Types on Pluto

Below, we’ve listed all the Corpus Outpost nodes on Pluto, and the mission types players can find there. Defense missions are a solid place to farm them, as the Dropship will arrive once every five waves. The drop rates for the item players seek are a little spotty, so they’ll have to spend a good chunk of time on these missions to get what they need. However, each node will still help players work towards their goal of getting Animo Nav Beacons.

NodeMission TypeLevel
CerberusInterception30 – 40
HadesAssassination35 – 45
HieraconExcavation 35 – 45
MintheMobile Defense30 – 34
NarcissusExterminate32 – 36
Outer TerminusDefense30 – 40
RegnaRescue34 – 38
SechuraDefense35 – 45