How to Get Appraisal Skill in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Unlocking the Appraisal Skill in Star Ocean: The Second Story R is fast, it’s easy, and it’s incredibly useful.

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Whether you’re looking to unlock new weapons or make some extra money in the game, it’s a good idea to quickly learn how to unlock the Appraisal Skill in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. Read on to learn how to unlock this useful skill and how to use it once you’ve got it. 

Unlocking the Appraisal Skill is pretty easy once you know how to get started. It only requires a couple of simple steps, and chances are, you are already well on your way to being able to use all of the perks that come with the Appraisal Skill. 

Why You Want to Have Appraisal Skill

The appraisal skill display is shown. One pair of spectacles are available for use.
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The Appraisal Skill is one of the most useful non-combat skills you can harness in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. You can start reaping the rewards right away as the Appraisal Skill allows you to unlock mysterious and powerful items and, further on, you can score some sweet discounts on gear you find in shops.

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Step One: Get Some Spectacles

A shop menu is shown, a pair of Spectacles has been selected.
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The first thing you’ll need to make an accurate Appraisal is a pair of Spectacles. While it doesn’t matter which of these two steps you do first, you can’t appraise an item if you can’t see it. You don’t need to do anything special to get Spectacles and can easily acquire them in shops.

It is a good idea to stock up on Spectacles when you are able to, as each time you appraise an item, it will use up a pair. However, this is well worth it as Spectacles are inexpensive, and the benefits of appraising items far outweigh the costs. Fortunately, for those looking to get a jump on this right away, there is a shop that stocks them, which is easily accessible near the beginning of the game. To find it, go to the southwestern corner of Krosse City. 

Step Two: Level Up

You cannot immediately unlock Appraisal Skill in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. However, the prerequisite steps are quite simple. To start gaining Appraisal Skills, you first need to level up your Mineralogy, Herbology, and Item Knowledge skills. You will need a minimum of one level in each of these skills in the same party member to unlock Appraisal Skills. 

Learning skills is easy. All you have to do is open the Improve Menu, head to IC/Specialty Skills, and select the skills you need. Each skill level will cost about four SP points to learn, so you’re looking at about 12 SP points total before you can begin Appraisal Skill. You earn SP by winning battles, so if you don’t have enough, go out there and get in some trouble, and you’ll be ready to level up in no time. 

How To Use Appraisal Skill

A dungeon raid comes across a mystery item.
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While exploring dungeons in the game, you will sometimes come across a weapon with a question mark on it. Once you have the weapon in your inventory, head to the IC/Specialty menu and select your Appraisal Skill to use it. This is the only way to unlock the true potential of these items and use them in the game.

Bonus: Group Appraisal

If you are looking to take your Appraisal Skill further in the game, there is another way to use it: Group Appraisal. To unlock Group Appraisal, you will need two characters with at least four levels of Appraisal Skill and another character with a level in Crafting. Additionally, when you conduct a Group Appraisal, it will only use up one pair of Spectacles. 

Unlocking Group Appraisal has some immediate benefits. This skill lets you buy items in shops at a discount and sell items at a higher price. It’s a good skill to be able to call upon when you’re looking to unload some extra inventory. Plus, as you continue to level up your party, it will continue to raise your group appraisal level and allow you to maximize the benefits of this useful skill.

With a hoard of trusty Spectacles at your side and a leveled-up party, you’ll soon be well on your way to mastering one of the most useful features in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. With the Appraisal Skill in your arsenal, your inventory will be full of useful weapons and your pockets full of FOL in no time at all.