How to get Arcane Adapters in Warframe


Image via Digital Extremes

Arcane Adapters in Warframe allow players to use Primary and Secondary Arcanes. These new types of Arcanes were added to the game with the Sisters of Parvos update and can be earned by playing the Steel Path portion of the game.

To use these new Arcanes, players will need to install an Arcane Adapter that can be purchased in either Primary or Secondary form, depending on the Arcane you wish to use. These can be purchased from Teshin on any Relay in the Conclave room. They will cost 15 Steel Essence each.

The fasted way to reach Teshin is to load into a Relay, bring up the main menu when you arrive in the dock, and then hit the Fast Travel option. Select “Conclave” from the list and then climb the stairs after loading into the room to speak with Teshin.

Steel Essence can be earned in several ways, and we will update this guide with more sources for Steel Essence as we discover them.

  • Full clear all nodes on a planet on The Steel Path – 2 Steel Essence
  • Defeat an Eidolon in the new Steel Path level Eidolon hunts – 1 Steel Essence
  • Can potentially drop from Eximus enemies in Steel Path mission, at a low drop chance.
  • There have been reports that a Steel Essence can drop from enemy Syndicate troops that come after you, but we have not confirmed this yet.