How to get Assess Materia and use it in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Prepare for every situation.

Image via Square Enix

You have a variety of different Materia available for you to use in Final Fantasy VII Remake. These Materia allow you to use different abilities and spells while battling across the game. You want to make sure your characters each different ones available to them so you can fight various enemies, such as those who have unique weaknesses. One way to make sure you can quickly learn about a new enemy’s weaknesses and capabilities is the Assess Materia.

The Assess Materia grants the ability to review and learn detailed information about an enemy, including their weaknesses and what skills you need to use against them. At first, you can use it on a single target, but later, when you level it up, you can use it against the multiple enemies you’re battling at a time.

During Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will meet a boy named Chadley. He provides you with a side quest, and in it, you receive the Assess Materia. Once you obtain it, you can freely use the ability. It shouldn’t matter what character in your party has it, but it becomes an essential Materia to have on at all times. You always want to learn about new enemies you’re fighting, and know how to defeat it quickly. You cannot freely use it because it’s treated like an ability, so you need to do some fighting to charge up before you can cast it.

Beyond the standard weaknesses and resistances for the enemy, you also receive a detailed breakdown on the left side of the screen explaining how many experience points, AP, Gil, items it drops, stealable items, and how to approach them during combat. Using the Assess Materia never becomes old, and it gives you a wealth of information. It’s beneficial if you ever take a break from the game and need small reminders of how to fight particular foes.

The first level of this Materia allows you to scan a single enemy during combat. Make sure to level it up when you can to ensure you can use it on multiple enemies during a battle.