How to get Aya in Warframe for the Prime Resurgence event

You will need a lot of it.

Warframe is introducing a new way to get Prime gear with the Prime Resurgence event. During the Prime Resurgence event, players will be able to purchase the Void Relics they need directly from Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars. To do so, they will need to get their hands on some Aya.

During Prime Resurgence, Aya will drop in place of the existing Vaulted Void Relics during missions in the Void, as well as Bounties. You’ll also be able to acquire Aya through Relic Packs in the in-game Market or Syndicate Offerings. This gives players quite a few ways to gather up Aya.

  • Running missions in the Void
  • Running Bounties at Cetus, Fortuna, or Deimos
  • Relic Packs from the in-game market
  • Relic Packs from Syndicate Offerings

Players can use the Aya to purchase Void Relics. There is also a premium currency allows you to instantly access Prime Warframes, their weapons and accessories. It is called Regal Aya and is available from Steam, the PlayStation Store, Xbox, and the Nintendo Store as a premium currency. You can just visit Varzia in the Bazaar and exchange Regal Aya directly for the items that you want.

Each week of the event, new loot pool rotations will be available, with plenty of different Prime Warframes, weapons, and accessories being up for grabs over the duration of the event, so make sure you check in weekly or read out the full Prime Resurgence rotation list to find out what you can get.