How to get Bandeau Pendu Analysis in Scarlet Nexus

Brain drain.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Scarlet Nexus, Analysis is a type of resource that you can get by killing enemies. It can then be used at Shops to trade for different types of items. They can also be used to get gifts, which are very important for building bonds with other characters in the game.

Different types of enemies drop different types of analysis, and as you may have guessed, the Bandeau Pendu will drop the Bandeau Pendu Analysis. Where it gets a little trick is finding where the creature spawns, and the fact that you need to kill it a specific way to get the analysis.

First, when actually killing the creature, you will need to use the Brain Crush. This means beating the monster until its health is quite low and a prompted button appears over its head. This should be LT on Xbox, and L2 on PlayStation. Hold the button to perform a brain crush attack which will have a chance of scoring the Analysis, though it is a rare drop.

Where to find the Bandeau Pendu

To find the Bandeau Pendu, play through Scarlet Nexus until Phase 6 when you will go to explore the Mizuhagawa District Construction Site area. Here, you will find the Bandeau Pendu on the second floor of the construction site. To get there, fast travel to Mizuhagawa District—Yugiri Great Bridge. Go straight ahead from the spawn in the construction site.

Now, go left, up the stairs, and then go right, following the circular area. This will bring you to some Bandeau Pendu. If you need them to respawn after killing them, just exit the district completely, then fast travel back in to reset all monster spawns.