How to increase your Bond Level with a character in Scarlet Nexus

Making friends.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your team in Scarlet Nexus are not just a bunch of characters that you fight beside, they are also your friends. As the game progresses, you can grow closer to them, and will be able to take steps to increase your friendship, or Bond Level.

There are multiple different ways to do this, so in this guide we will run through them all. You can improve your relationships, or deeping your bond, with other NPCs in the following ways:

  • Bond Episodes – Bond Episodes are special missions that you can unlock and finish with different characters as you play through the story. It should be noted, the mission itself will not increase the bond, you need to speak to the character back in the hideout afterward for that to happen. To start Bond Episodes, you can either speak to the character in the hideout and select the “Bond Episode” option, or reply to the brain message from them.
  • Fighting in missions – you can fight alongside each other in missions and it will increase your bond, so if you need to improve your bond with someone, then add to them the party for some missions.
  • Gift Giving – after Standy Phase 2, you will be able to give characters gifts that will improve your Bond.

As your bond level improves, new SAS effects are unlocked and the NPC will perform better in missions.