How to get Bat Wings in Wytchwood

Improve your batting average.

Image via Whitethorn Digital

Whether you need an Exorcism Charm or a Haunted Mannequin, Bat Wings become an important ingredient to harvest shortly after you reach the Village in Wytchwood. The Grimoire tells us to search for them in the Graveyard on the southern edge of the Village, but because of the dark surroundings, Bats can often be hard to spot while they’re airborne. This is amplified by the fact that, unlike most of Wytchwood’s other flying creatures, they don’t spend much time on the ground. Fortunately, it’s easier to catch them than it is to see them.

At this point in the game, you’re probably familiar with the process of crafting and placing Bait Sticks, especially from your time in the Swamp. When harvesting Bat Wings, there are a couple of factors that arguably make the process even easier. First is that Bats will spawn throughout the entirety of the Graveyard. Second is that, unlike Newts, making a Bat appear doesn’t require interacting with any other objects first.

Screenshot by Gamepur

All you have to do to hunt a Bat is to set a Spike Trap somewhere in the Graveyard. If you don’t have any luck after a few seconds, pick your Trap up off the ground and try again in another spot. But more likely than not, a Bat will show up before too long and impale itself on the Spike, dropping a Wing or two in the process.

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