How to get Blanka in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Another Street Fighter competitor has entered the arena.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Blanka is one of the Street Fighter crossover vehicles added to the Hot Wheels franchise in 2020. It was designed by Charlie Angulo and is inspired by perhaps the second most iconic Street Fighter character in history, Blanka. The car has never been reproduced, but it is available for you to collect and race with in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This guide explains how to get the car for yourself.

Download and drive

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get Blanka for your collection, you need to purchase the Hot Wheels Unleashed Volume 1 Pass. Once you own the pass, you can navigate to the Add-On screen from the main menu, then select the Vehicles subheading. This screen shows you all of the new cars you can download, some of which are free while others are locked behind the Volume 1 Pass.

Scroll along until you find Blanka. Next, you’ll need to navigate to the relevant storefront for your platform, where you can download the car. The car didn’t show up in our collection until we restarted the game when we did this. When Blanka does show up in your collection, you’ll be able to use it in any race, and you can even upgrade it with Gears to make it a more formidable competitor.

Screenshot by Gamepur