How to get candy in Roblox Royale High Halloween event

You can never have too much candy.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Royale High is hosting its annual Halloween event, where players can explore the map, which has now been covered in spooky decor. There are new things for players to do, such as collect candy. Candy can either be used to purchase Halloween-themed items for your character. If you’re eager to look your best during Royale High’s Halloween event, we’ve created a guide on the different ways you can get candy.

Apple bobbing

Screenshot by Gamepur

Right at spawn, you’ll find a stand for apple bobbing. Every time you play, you’ll be awarded 10 candies guaranteed. However, the process can take a few seconds, and you’ll have to keep pressing the button. Although this takes more time than trick or treating, we believe this is the best method to farm candies.

Finding the chests

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are fives to find during Royale High’s Halloween event. By locating all five of these chests, you’ll be awarded some candy and an exclusive item you can only get during this event.

Trick or treating

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can treat or treat at houses outside of the spawn area. To do this, go up to a house and ring the doorbell. The amount of candy varies and isn’t guaranteed like it is apple bobbing. You can get as low as three pieces of candy or as high as eight pieces of candy. Once you get candy from a house, you’ll have to wait two minutes before trying that house again.

It’s important to be aware that when trick or treating, you may sometimes be attacked by a vampire. If this happens, you’ll respawn. You don’t lose any of your candy from this.