How to get captured Solar energy in Destiny 2 – Hold Your Fire Bounty

All the power of the sun.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

During Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event, Eva will give us new daily bounties to complete. Doing so will get us some XP to get further along on the Season Pass, and also some Solstice Key Fragments, useful items for opening rewards earned in the European Aerial Zone.

Hold Your Fire

The Hold Yoru Fire bounty asks that we collect captured Solar energy from defeated Cabal combatants while using a Solar subclass. The good news is that it doesn’t matter where you take on the Cabal, just make sure you have a Solar subclass equipped and you will be fine.

Captured Solar Energy

Now, what seems to be catching some people out is that the captured Solar energy is a random drop from defeated Cabal, so you might need to take out a few of them before you see it drop. You don’t need to pick anything up, it will automatically populate on your screen when one drops for you. The Solar drop also seems to be rarer than the Arc element that has already shown up in a previous bounty, although we have no idea why this might be.

The best place to farm this up is on Firebase Hades, in the EDZ. If you run a circuit around the area you will constantly run into low-level Cabal enemies that are easy to kill, and you will get it wrapped up in no time. You don’t need to kill the Cabal with your abilities, Super, or even Solar weapons. As long as you have a Solar subclass equipped, the captured Solar energy will potentially drop from any kill on a Cabal enemy, via any means.

Ma'adim Subterrane

Another great spot to finish this up is in the Glacial Drift on Mars. The Ma’adim Subterrane¬†Lost Sector that you can find there is filled with Cabal, and a few runs through it should wrap this Bounty up quickly.