How to get Cleaner keys in The Division 2

There are new faction keys to find in The Division 2

Faction keys are a great way to secure loot from caches found throughout The Division 2. Many of them are hidden away in campaign missions, or the city for you to find. The latest expansion, Warlords of New York, takes players back to the franchise’s original setting and places them back on the hunt for Agent Keener. A returning faction is The Cleaners, and you can find their keys in the New York area. 

These hidden keys are scattered throughout the city. Much like the Rikers, another returning faction, you can find a Cleaner’s key by opening a silver key box. Most of these key boxes are underground, forcing you to explore the game’s sewer system for them. Most of these key boxes are tucked away along the side passages, so you want to check any door you approach or try to find any padlocks you destroy. With a little bit of rummaging around, you should find a handful in no time.

Unfortunately, when you open these key boxes, they have a random chance for any of the faction keys. You can’t always guarantee you will have a Rikers or a Cleaners key drop, so you need to visit as many as possible to find the ones you’re after.

You can also potentially find them on bosses of the faction roaming around the city. They’re relatively strong, and yellow-tier NPCs. However, it’s a possibility and not a guarantee.

Good luck finding those and the new Riker keys in the Warlords of New York expansion pack. Make sure to add any new gear you find to your Recalibation table, and be on the lookout for the new God Rolls.