How to get God Rolls and how do they work in The Division 2?

How do you tell you have a God Roll item in The Division 2?

Image via Ubisoft

Loot is the name of the game in The Division 2. The better items you grab from taking down powerful enemies, the more damage, health, or power you can use to fight the incredible NPCs Ubisoft throws at you. Now, with the game’s new expansion out, Warlords of New York, Ubisoft has reintroduced God Rolls to the game, making certain pieces of loot far more valuable than others.

What is a God Roll?

A God Roll is looting the perfect item. It has the best stats, the best traits, and perfectly situates a player in what they want to do. They made it a lot easier to tell when a player has acquired a God Roll item.

You can quickly tell if you have God Roll item by the small bar underneath the piece of equipment. The further to the right it is, the better it performs in that particular trait. For example, if you have a weapon whose primary attribute gives your character better headshot damage, it can tell how good that increased damage is based on where the red line is on the bar. If it’s closer to the left, then it means you want to find a similar item that can do more damage, and if it’s further to the right, you probably want to hold onto it.

If you have an extremely good roll, but it’s not perfect, you want to hold onto that piece of equipment to throw into the Recalibration Library. The Recalibration Library allows you to save a particular roll of an item, and then slap it onto another piece of equipment that you like better. It’s a great way to ensure you equip the best rolls with your favorite items, and if you don’t want a particular roll on a specific item, you can put it elsewhere. It gives you the chance to remain diverse and lets you use your favorite weapons or items.

How to get God Rolls

Getting God Rolls to drop, though, is all about luck. To have the best chance to capture any of these incredible items, you want to try taking on the toughest fights in the game. For the new expansion, Warlords of New York, you want to go through the game’s campaign and then wait for the new Manhunts to come out. These Manhunts are events that happen every three weeks during The Division 2‘s seasons, which occur every 12 weeks. After capturing all four of the targets, you gain access to the big target, which will likely have the best loot in the game. You can also participate in weekly and global events that kick off every week. 

Ubisoft’s first season starts on March 10. Everyone who purchases Warlords of New York will have access to it, but from there, you have the chance to buy the season pass, which occurs every 12-weeks, and costs $10.