How to get Copper in V Rising

Fire up that furnace, Dracula.

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Mining and refining Copper is one of the earliest milestones in V Rising, at least once you place your Castle Heart and build yourself some shelter. After this, copper will be one of the most commonly needed materials for upgraded tools and gear, as well as for the more advanced crafting stations that will fill out your budding mansion.

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Mining Copper is as simple as hitting a node with one of your weapons, but remember that maces will do additional damage, allowing you to work more quickly. The mace you use will also need to be upgraded to at least the Reinforced Bone version.

Where to find Copper

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The tricky thing about Copper isn’t mining it, though. It’s finding it in the first place. You can sometimes find Copper nodes (which have a red-brown hue to them) scattered around some early game areas, relying on these lucky finds alone will take a long time. Instead, consider heading to the Bandit Copper Mine, shown on the map above. There are some tough enemies here, along with one of your early V Blood targets, so make sure you’re at least up to a Gear Score of 20 before heading inside.

How to make Copper Ingots

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Once you have a good amount of Copper Ore from your mining excursion, the next step in your Copper journey is refining it into Ingots, which are what you’ll use to craft most things that require Copper. To do this, you’ll need to build a Furnace, which will cost you 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore. You’ll also need to make sure the Furnace is connected to a Castle Heart that is powered up with some Blood Essence. Once that’s all set up, simply put your Copper Ore into the left section of the Furnace menu, and in a few seconds you’ll have your first lot of Copper Ingots.

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