How to get Crab-N-Go Food Tickets in Splatoon 3

Chow down on some helpful upgrades.

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The Food Tickets you use at the Crab-N-Go shop in Splatoon will be how you obtain the food and drinks in the store. You can find this shop to the right when you enter the multiplayer lobby, and you speak with the vendor to select the type of items you want to grab. These are a great way to receive multiple passive bonuses while you play the game, but you want to ensure plenty of Food Tickets. This guide covers how to get Crab-N-Go Food Tickets in Splatoon 3.

Where to find Crab-N-Go Food Tickets in Splatoon 3

There are multiple ways for you to earn these tickets. When starting in Splatoon 3, a great way to earn them is by playing through the single-player campaign called Hero Mode. There are multiple stages for you to complete and a handful of optional areas to work through. Both of these avenues reward you with Food Tickets. Plus, it’s a great way to get a feel for the game before you jump into a multiplayer match against other players. Also, in Hero Mode, you can clean up the Fuzzy Ooze using your Salmonid buddy to earn tickets.

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Another way to earn Crab-N-Go Food Ticket is by playing the Salmon Run mode. However, you can only start playing this at level four. Because you will need a few levels under your belt, we recommend working through Turf War battles in the Lobby area to get accustomed to the multiplayer combat in Splatoon 3. After you’ve done this, you can unlock Salmon Run and start playing it, allowing you to earn plenty of Crab-N-Go Food Tickets.

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Alternatively, there’s a good chance you can earn these tickets by participating in the Shell-Out Machine. You can find it to the right of the lobby elevator, with a chance to roll on it for 5,000 Cash on the first roll of the day, and then it will be 30,000 after that. This is likely not the best way to consider earning them, as there is a random chance you can receive them as a reward. You also earn Food Tickets as you level up your Hotlantis catalog. You will unlock this at level four.

When you have enough, go to the Crab-N-Go shop to grab your ideal food. We recommend grabbing them before embarking on multiple Splatoon 3 matches to earn the most rewards.

All Crab-N-Go Food items

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  • Crab Trap Sandwich – Increases battle cash by 50%
  • Commercial Crab Trap Sandwich – Doubles battle cash
  • The Pescatariat – Increases battle XP by 50%
  • The Pescatariat Royale – Doubles battle XP
  • Mega Mountain a la Marigold – Doubles battle cash for all teammates
  • Marigold’en Garden Greens – Doubles battle XP for all teammates