How to get credits in Rocket League

The three gateways that lead to legendary gear.

Like most currencies in competitive games, credits in Rocket League are mainly for purchasing fashionable cosmetics rather than being a tool to aid player performance. With credits, soc-car fans can buy colorful exhausts, wheels, body paint, and even decals. If any of these sound enticing enough for you to own, here’s how to earns credits in Rocket League.

Leveling up the Rocket Pass

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Like most free-to-play titles, Rocket League does offer up a pretty generous battle pass, excellently named the Rocket Pass. Costing $9.99, the premium version of the pass typically holds 90 tiers of unlockable gear, including exclusive cars, wheels, and of course, credits.

The game will grant players 100 credits after about each 10 tiers completed. Thus, if you plan on spending massive amounts of hours in the game, the Rocket Pass is a bargain for the biggest of Rocket League players.

Buying packs

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Once in a rare while, the game sometimes features packs that bundle in a variety of items for an absolute steal of a price. At the time of writing, the Starter Pack is currently the clear must-have bundle, with it offering five exclusive items while also graciously tossing in 500 credits all for just $4.99.

However, you’ll want to be vigilant of packs that aren’t so kind to your wallet. The Jager Pack is a perfect example, as it is a $19.99 bundle that includes only 1000 credits. If you fancy yourself as a car collector, it does hand over the exclusive (and impressively sleek) Jager 619, but certainly does not serve those looking to amass credits.

Buying credits

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Obviously, the fastest and most convenient way to get rich in almost any video game is to directly purchase its featured currency. Though, Rocket League does provide plenty of cash-saving options, going as far as offering 30% more credits.

After going into the game’s Item Shop, press Square or X (depending on your platform) to open up the credits menu. When open, the following offers will be shown:

  • 500 credits for $4.99
  • 1100 credits for $9.99 (10% bonus)
  • 3000 credits for $24.99 (20% bonus)
  • 6500 credits for $49.99 (30% bonus)

Any of these four deals can be seen as the best, but we recommend purchasing the 1100 credit variant when starting your Rocket League journey. By doing this, you will have enough to own the current Rocket Pass, which can then give your credits back if you progress through it — ultimately allowing you to afford future passes.