How to get Deathstroke in Hot Wheels Unleashed

You can drive surprisingly well with just one eye.


Screenshot by Gamepur

With the DC Super-Villain Racing Season now well underway in Hot Wheels Unleashed, players can set about unlocking more than 50 tiers in the game’s first battle pass. Within the battle pass are six new cars to unlock, the first of which is Deathstroke. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock Deathstroke so you can start racing an evil master swordsman.

Dive into the new season

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock Deathstroke, you need to purchase the DC Super-Villains Racing Season. While there are rewards you can unlock for free, you need to buy the season for $5.99/£4.99 from the relevant digital storefront if you want to unlock any of the new cars. Deathstroke is more of a bonus vehicle because it unlocks at level 0, which is your level when you first purchase the new season. As a result, you can buy the season and start racing as Deathstroke immediately.

Deathstroke’s stats aren’t the best. In fact, the speed of this car is as low as it comes. However, the vehicle can hold its own in races thanks to the massive boost bar it has. As a result, you can speed ahead of any competition along a straight, providing you don’t need to compete with spider webs or a dragon.