All new content in Hot Wheels Unleashed DC Super-Villains Racing Season

New cars, challenges, and rewards.


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The first season ever has launched in Hot Wheels Unleashed. The DC Super-Villains Racing Season is, as you’d expect, themed around DC super-villains, bringing a host of new content to the game for all players to enjoy. In this guide, we’ll cover all the free and premium content available in the season.

New free content

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The new content all Hot wheels Unleashed players can access for free includes a selection of new Coin and Gear rewards to purchase and upgrade cars with, as well as a few customization options for your Basement and tracks. You’ll also get a new car, Deathstroke, added to your collection to give you a taste for the season. In addition, you can complete new daily challenges to earn XP for the battle pass and steadily unlock these rewards over the course of the next 67 days.

New premium content

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The DC Super-Villains Racing Season costs $5.99/£4.99 to purchase from digital storefronts. This cost is in line with what some other vehicles cost in the game. However, you gain access to the premium battle pass with more than 50 reward tiers to unlock when you buy it. You’ll also have five new cars added to your collection immediately: Black Manta, The Cheetah, Harley Quinn, Bane, and Poison Ivy, but you’ll have to unlock them through the battle pass if you want to use them.

Buying the season also gives you 12 new items for your Basement, each themed around DC super-villains and three new profile items. You can still access daily challenges and earn more rewards through them.