How to get Deora II in Hot Wheels Unleashed

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Deora II is an iconic Hot Wheels car. The original Deora was based on the 1964 showcar of the same name, inspired by elements of modernized surfboards. Deora II hit shelves in 2000 as part of the First Editions set. Since its debut, it’s been reproduced in dozens of sets, making it a highly collectible item. Now, it’s possible to drive the Acceleracers 2003 Highway 35 World Race version of the car in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This guide explains how to add it to your collection.

Purchase the pass and get driving

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To get Deora II, you need to own the Hot Wheels Unleashed Volume 1 Pass. Once you’ve purchased it, open the Add-On screen from the main menu and navigate to the Vehicles subheading. You should be able to see all the cars that are available to download here, including Deora II. You’ll need to open the relevant digital storefront and download the car, but it should appear in your collection once you have. We had to restart the game to get Deora II to appear in ours, but it may be different for you.

When you see Deora II in your collection, you can finally start racing it in all game modes. You’re also able to use Gears to upgrade it, making it a faster and overall more powerful car to race against.

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