How to get Drowzee Fur in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Don’t fall asleep!

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As players begin their journey through Paldea in earnest, they’ll discover that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has more in store for them than past titles. Namely, the ability to craft various TMs in order to supplement their party’s moveset. The crafting of TMs needs various materials, however, and finding these materials can be an arduous process for the unprepared trainer. Here’s how to find Drowzee Fur in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Drowzee Fur can be found in the same location as Gastly Gas, east southeast of Los Platos Pokémon Center on the bluffs near the ocean, just prior to the ruins near the mysterious door. It’s a bit of a journey, granted, but Drowzee’s spawn en masse at this location, making it a worthwhile endeavor for trainers. Not to mention the inherent strength of an early psychic Pokémon, which can stay relevant throughout the title.

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Defeating or capturing wild Drowzee’s is the best option for players needing to quickly stock up on Drowzee fur, and harvesting this material can be done through either manual or Let’s Go! auto battles. It’s vital that the Drowzee is wild, however — eliminating trainers will not offer the crafting resources necessary. As the ruins offer a slew of Drowzee’s, however, it’s simple to horde prior to moving onto the school for the rounds of introductions.

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Drowzee is weak to bug, darkness, and ghost-type Pokémon, so capturing a Gastly from nearby and allowing it to roam is a wise choice that offers both crafting materials and experience for the entire party. Players would be wise to try to keep relevant Pokémon out while exploring areas, as it’s an absurdly quick experience boost that players won’t have to manually battle for. Bear in mind, though, auto battles work on level and elemental weakness — always ensure your Pokémon are exploiting anything available.