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How to get Enclave Plasma Rifle in Fallout 76

All that power behind one rifle.

Fallout 76 is filled with some pretty insane weapons. While some of these weapons are pretty basic, others are extremely powerful and well worth the grind to obtain. One of the more powerful weapons you can get your hands on in Appalachia is the Enclave Plasma Rifle. One of the added benefits of this weapon is that killed enemies can simply dissolve into goo. Some have mentioned this weapon to be the current most powerful weapon in the game, but how do you get it?

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Where to find the Enclave Plasma Rifle in Fallout 76

Unlike other powerful weapons like the Plasma Cutter, the Enclave Plasma Rifle can be obtained by completing one of the main story missions. The mission you can complete to obtain this weapon is called One of Us. You get this mission when you reach the Whitespring Bunker during the main campaign. The weapon isn’t guaranteed to drop from this mission.

If it doesn’t drop, you can also check around the map to see if there are any Dropped Connection events currently active. These events can appear in Berkeley Springs, Harpers Ferry, and Watoga. If you don’t see the Dropped Connection event active in any of these regions, you can exit the game and join a different server for another chance. Finally, you can check the MODUS terminals in Whitespring for the weapon, though that will be pricey.

How and where to get a legendary Enclave Plasma Rifle

While most of the weapons in the game that is legendary can drop from legendary creatures, the Enclave Plasma Rifle can’t. The only way you can get this weapon as a legendary is to craft it. Legendary crafting is simple and requires the usage of Legendary Cores and Modules to perform. Luckily, the weapon is pretty easy to obtain from the missions, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting plenty of them if you like the weapon and want to make multiple legendary ones.

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