How to get every Revenant Prime Relic in Warframe

Build a bigger and better Revenant.

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Relics are required to unlock old and new Prime parts in Warframe, and Revenant Prime is no exception. Relics are tied to a pair of random factors on two ends, making farming them and opening them a chore if you don’t know where to start. Revenant Prime is the Prime variant of the Revenant, a tricky but tough character. Prime variants are better versions of their base Warframes, often sporting better health and energy reserves. This guide will explain how to get every Revenant Prime relic in Warframe and where to farm them.

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Every Revenant Prime Relic in Warframe

You must open relics containing his parts in the Void to earn Revenant Prime components. These relics can be tricky, as they have two layers of RNG to chew through. You can’t guarantee which relic you obtain from a mission. You can also not guarantee which item you will receive when you open one.

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Each one of Revenant Prime’s parts can be earned by opening the Void relic that contains the suitable component. These are the Relics you need to earn his components:

  • Blueprint: An uncommon drop found in the Meso P9 relic
  • Chassis: A common drop found in the Meso N13 relic
  • Neuroptics: An uncommon drop found in the Lith S14 relic
  • Systems: An uncommon drop found in the Meso P9 relic

Relics are found in a variety of ways. The simplest but most costly method is to trade for the correct relic with other Warframe players. When a Prime Access event is active, player trading is at a fever pitch, and you can haggle your way to securing these rare items.

Where to farm Revenant Prime relics in Warframe

The only reliable method of guaranteed relics is doing the legwork and farming the right missions. Lith relics are best farmed by selecting the Hepit mission node in the Void. This is a capture mission, and it can be finished in a couple of minutes with a suitable gear set. IO on Jupiter has the best chance for Meso relics. It is a defense mission, so bring a defense-oriented character like Frost to give yourself the best chance at success. After the first ten waves are completed, end the mission, then repeat it.

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After braving the odds and securing Revenant Prime’s relics, you must tackle Void fissure missions and refine them to give yourself the best chance at earning him. Once you’ve collected all his parts, you can build Revenant Prime in your foundry.