How to get Eye of Newt in Wytchwood

Don’t get stumped.

Image via Whitethorn Digital

An Eye of Newt is a classic ingredient in any witch’s recipe book, and in Wytchwood you won’t get far without a few of them. Whether you need them for a Potion of Blight or just a few Digestive Tablets, you’ll need an Eye of Newt for the job. A quick look at the grimoire shows that we should look for them in the Swamp, but the answer isn’t as simple as that. So where are they?

Because Newts don’t tend to wander around like many of the other creatures in the game, it’s easy to think you’re missing something. It’s even tempting to wonder if they could be hiding behind the large troll that blocks off a section of the Swamp. In reality, finding Newts simply involves chopping up some Rotting Stumps.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll find plenty of these Stumps around the Swamp, and all you need to do is chop them with your Logger’s Hatchet. Before you do this though, it’s best to make sure you already have a Bait Stick. If you don’t, you can craft one with a Toxic Thistle, a Twig, and a Meaty Morsel. Once you’re prepared, just hit a Stump with your Hatchet. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a Newt right away either, as not every Stump has one hiding inside.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve revealed a Newt, place your Bait Stick on the ground and take a few steps back. Before long, the Newt should walk over and get stuck by the Stick, dropping an Eye or two in the grisly process.

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