How to get Fass and Vome Residue in Warframe

It’s kinda gross.


Image via Digital Extremes

Fass and Vome Residue is a new resource in Warframe, and it is quite important. You may have run into already and be wondering what it is, or you might need to find some and be wondering how to get it. Either way, this article is designed to help you understand what is happening with this resource.

What is Fass and Vome Residue

The surface of Deimos is under the gaze of two massive worms, Fass and Vome. They control the effective day and night cycle of this open world. When the cycle changes, one of the worms will destroy the other, sending lumps of gooey flesh flying all over the landscape. This the Fass and Vome Residue, with the residue type matching the worm that was destroyed.

The residue will be available on the map all the time, not just when the worm is destroyed. The worm’s destruction will simply change the type of residue that is available to find.

How to find Fass and Vome Residue

Archwing View

To find it, the best way is to take to the skies in your Archwing. Areas that are covered in Residue will glow either red/orange or white/blue, letting you know where to look. Find one of these areas and land, then destroy the bright lumps of tissue to get access to the Residue


What is Residue for

The primary use for the Residue is fish bait. When you have a fishing spear equipped, the Residue will be available in the second option on the lower right of the screen. You can throw the bait near fish spawns to get certain rare types of fish to spawn. For more information on fishing on Deimos, you can read our dedicated guide.