How to get Fletchling in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor

This little guy can turn into a real hot pick if you evolve it and treat it right.


Fletchling is the tiny robin Pokemon and has made its return in Pokemon Sword and Shield in the Isle of Armor expansion. While you cannot find it in the main region of the game, you can visit various spots on the isle and have a chance to catch one for yourself. Before we get into that, we should also mention that Fletchling evolves into Fletchinder starting at level 17, which evolves into Talonflame starting at level 35. Here is where you can find your own Fletchling in Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC.

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How to get Fletchling in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor

Fletchling has three habitat spots that are guaranteed to have the small bird during certain conditions. While there is a chance you could run into it in another random spot or in a dynamax raid den, Fletchling are known in appear in Loop Lagoon, Potbottom Desert, and Challenge Road on sunny days, so for your best chance to get it, make sure to go to any of these spots under those conditions.

Evolving Fletchling into its later stages will make it a flying and fire type, and has the chance to gain the flame body ability, which burns any opponents who come into contact with your bird. Getting Talonflame with the right stats and abilities can be a deadly force on the battlefield so be sure to give this little guy a look while out in the wild area and check out our other Pokemon guides.