How to get food and water in Breakwaters

Food and water are basic survival requirements.

Image via Soaring Pixels Games

Food and water are essential items for survival in any survival game. The last thing you want is to leave your camp without the most essential survival gear. Starting off in Breakwaters, your first task is to find food and water. Unfortunately, the nearby water isn’t suitable enough for you to drink. Here is how to get food and water in Breakwaters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Let’s start off by collecting some food. There are quite a few food sources that you can find right away, but only one is suitable at first and that’s berries. Berries can be found by destroying bushes. Punch bushes until they break to have a berry or two fall out for you to pick up. You might run into a few rats this way. Go ahead and kill them for some meat. You will end up cooking it later on.

Next up is water. Since you obviously can’t drink seawater, you will need to look elsewhere. Along the beach, you will be able to find some coconuts. Pick them up for use later. What you will want to do from here is bring out your inner Steve from Minecraft and start punching trees. Trees will often drop more coconuts and crafting materials for later use. Use the coconuts from your inventory to replenish your hydration meter.