How to get free upgrades and other gear for Episode 6 in Phantasy Star Online 2

The road to Episode 6 is paved with rewards and bonuses

Image via Sega

Episode 6 of Phantasy Star Online 2 is almost here, and Sega is offering a metric ton of bonuses, rewards, and perks for playing before it launches.

Weapon and Unit Rewards

You can earn a 12-star unit by completing the Dark Revelry Consumes Starlight quest at least three times before the beginning of maintenance on December 22. An Arms piece will be your reward for finishing the third time, followed by a back piece after the sixth, and finally, a legs piece for your ninth run.

You can also obtain a 15-star Gunblade, the Atlas Alz EX, by finishing any Recommended Quest at least 5 times. Make sure you check out your Visiphone to claim your rewards.

Rising Weapons Badge 4

Completing any 3 Urgent Quests gets you 30 Rising Weapons Badge 4, and you can earn up to 300 badges on a single account. You can take these badges to the Shopping Plaza for 15-star weapon materials, quest triggers for special drops, and the EXP Weapon Mini to power up for trials you take on later.

Login Bonuses

Login bonuses are available until the start of maintenance on December 22. You can earn a single SG 20 Ticket every day, and if you log in on three separate days, you will also get a pair of Triboost 150% to use.

Welcome Back Bonuses

If you haven’t played PSO2 since October 28, you are eligible to claim a Welcome Back prize pack, which contains all of the following:

  • Half Scape Doll (x5)
  • Casino Coin Pass (x5)
  • Triboost +100% (x5)
  • Rare Drop Rate +250% (x5)
  • Salon Free Pass (x3)
  • SG 40 Ticket (x1)
  • Tokyo Bonus Key: Gold (x1)
  • Magatsu Bonus Key: Gold (X1)

Boosted Quests

200% EXP and 200% Rare Drop Rate boosts are available for completing Dark Revelry Consumes Starlight. You can use these boosts on the same quests, along with Urgent Quest The Malevolent Void.

Social Media

PSO2 is hosting rewards for amassing specific amounts of Likes on their Facebook page or Retweets for tweets containing #PSO2giveaway. The list is as follows:

1000 Likes/RTsTokyo Bonus Key: Gold (x1) | Bonus Key

2500 Likes/RTsEXP 1,000,000 Ticket (x1) | Consumable

5000 Likes/RTsGrim Assassin (x1) | Weapon Camo
7500 Likes/RTsSG 100 Ticket (x1) | Consumable
10000 Likes/RTsAile Starlight (x1) | Weapon Camo