How to get Fruit Dragon skins in Lost Ark – Fruit Dragon Selection Chest Guide

Dress like a dragon with these one-of-a-kind Lost Ark outfits.

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With no shortage of possible armor combinations and cosmetic outfit pieces, Lost Ark offers its players plenty of options when it comes to dressing their characters up. One such outfit type available to players is the Animal Skin collection, a set of seven animal-themed mascot costumes that can be equipped over a character’s armor set, adding to their virtue stats while looking quite goofy in the process. Within this collection, players have access to the Fruit Dragon skins, allowing them to dress up as their preferred flavor of dragon.

Getting the Fruit Dragon skins

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All Animal Skin outfits, including Fruit Dragon outfits, can be obtained from the New Animal Skin Gift Package. This item has, so far, only ever been given to players in two instances — once during Lost Ark’s initial global server expansion as part of the Global Server Success Commemorative Chest, and once again after experiencing sustained western popularity with the Gratitude Gift Decoration Pack.

Opening the New Animal Skin Gift Package allows the player to choose from one of seven subsequent Selection Chests, one for each different type of animal costume. From here, the player can choose to claim the New Fruit Dragon Selection Chest. Keep in mind that only one costume type of the seven can be chosen by the player, and only one chest is given per roster, meaning that only a single character will forever own the outfit that the player chooses.

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Within the New Fruit Dragon Selection Chest is both a one-piece body and headgear of the player’s choosing. The different options included in both the headwear chest and the chestpiece chest are both cosmetic and statistical, differing from one another in color and applied virtue boosts.

  • Berry Dragon Set (pink) — Charisma +20, Courage +20, Kindness +5, Wisdom +10
  • Grape Dragon Set (purple) — Charisma +30, Courage +5, Wisdom +20
  • Lemon Dragon Set (yellow) — Charisma +10, Courage +20, Kindness +20, Wisdom +5
  • Melon Dragon Set (green) — Charisma +30, Courage +5, Kindness +20
  • Mint Dragon Set (teal) — Charisma +20, Courage +5, Kindness +10, Wisdom +20

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