How to get fur scraps in Monster Hunter Rise

Give your buddy some well-deserved equipment.

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Fur Scraps are a resource you’ll need to obtain in Monster Hunter Rise if you want to improve your Buddy’s gear, namely your Palico. These scraps allow you to make their gear, enhancing their armor and combat capabilities. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Fur Scraps in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Where to find Fur Scraps

The best way to obtain Fur Scraps is to visit the Buddy Smith. You can find them adjacent to the traditional Blacksmith, who you should regularly visit to upgrade your armor and weapon sets as you defeat more monsters. At the Buddy Smith, you have the chance to construct armor for your Palico and your Palamute, two important party members you want to bring with you on any hunt when you’re lacking a few party members.

When speaking with the Buddy Smith, scroll down to the Scrap Swap option, and there will be multiple types of scraps you can exchange with them for Buddy Scraps. For example, you can swap out Warm Pelts and Bullfango Pelts for Fur Scraps. You can find Warm Pelts by defeating Kelbi and Anteka, which appear in multiple regions. Alternatively, you can carve Bullfango Pelts by taking down Bullfangos, which appear in the Shrine Ruins.

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You can complete a handful of recipes using Fur Scraps, but these are some of the more basic armor and weapons sets for your Palico. We recommend attempting to swap out some of your higher-tier monster materials to equip your buddy better, so long as you’ve already equipped your character with the best equipment available to me.